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A Breath of Fresh Air

August 31, 2014 | Gardening | Permalink

Ever since my husband and I decided to start our own online business, it feels as though we rarely have the time to get outside anymore. We once enjoyed the outdoors, taking every chance we could to go hiking, jogging on the trails, and even geocaching. But ever since we started up our own business, it seems as though we rarely get a chance to enjoy nature in all it’s splendid glory. While our business is booming and sales have skyrocketed over the last few months, our marriage and well being are suffering.

Our friend mentioned that she knows someone who installs indoor instant hedging. Initially we were baffled by the thought of having a living wall inside of our office, however, we quickly realized how beneficial this addition would be to our mood, as well productivity. After much forethought and research, I think we will give it a try!

My first date with Hans

August 24, 2014 | Asia | Permalink

Even though I am very new to the dating game I have learned that it is always best to arrange a date in a public place with someone you have only just ‘met’. I had been emailing and speaking to Hans on the telephone for just over a couple of months when he suggested that I call round to his apartment one evening for a chat and a few beers. I felt as though he could be trusted but I really didn’t feel comfortable with his idea so I asked him if he would be happy to meet me in a bar in any of the Hong Kong hotels in the centre of the city. He told me that the decision was mine so then all I had to do was decide what to wear. I was still a little bit nervous about our first date but that was part of the excitement. Hans made such a positive impression on me that we have dated each other several times since although I still haven’t accepted his offer to go to his home.

Now That’s Motivation!

August 8, 2014 | Therapy | Permalink

As I approach my mid-30′s, losing weight and staying fit is becoming more and more of a challenge. Yesterday, I decided to go for a light jog in the neighborhood. By the time I arrived at the end of my route, I was pooped. I started to walk, my heavy breaths becoming less and less frequent as I slowed down. As I was walking, I saw a thai massage Manchester delivery truck parked on the curb up ahead. I thought that it might be a perfect time for a delicious dessert. I began to think about all of the possible delicious treats stocked in the back of the vehicle that was now slowly moving down the road to the next stop. Although still very tired, my legs began to move as if motivated by some supernatural force. I chased the truck down, paid the driver, and ate some low-fat cherry cheesecake.

Halloween Night

June 28, 2014 | Relationships | Permalink

On Halloween night many people dress up and go out and have fun. What happens if the dead came alive and walked among us in costumes themselves? Certain people can be a bridal makeup artist Manchester and just go to the cemetery, any cemetery, and just knock thrice on a head stone to make someone come up from the dead. Now only one head stone can be knocked on at one time and only on Halloween. When the person comes up from the dead and dreary coffin they can be covered with make up to blend in with the others that are out having fun. With a very old cemetery that the head stones are not very readable, you better make sure not to wake up a mad man. Those are the worst and you maybe hurt in the path of revenge. Everyone needs to be back in their “coffin home” by midnight or they may disappear from their family’s memory.

Laying in Bed Thinking of My Upcoming Surgery

May 30, 2014 | Health | Permalink

As I lay there on the hospital bed, waiting to be taken into surgery, there is so much that is going through my head. The pain that will come after the surgery, if I will make it through with no problems, and if this is going to be the last time I see all of my friends and family before they put me under. I was only going in for knee surgery, but hated to go under the knife for anything. It always has been a fear of mine, all I can hope for at this time is my physician has had all the necessary preoperative assessment training that he needs, so I can have a smooth surgery without too much stress on the recovery portion. Fingers crossed for a knowledgeable and caring staff.